AcroPass Technology

1. What are the dissolving microstructures?

Dissolving microstructures are tiny processes about 1/4 the thickness of the human hair, in which dissolving material such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, collagen, etc. are formed into microstructures.

This structure can penetrate in-between skin membranes and pass through the horny layer, dissolving inside the moisture inside the inner skin area to work its magic.

2. How thick and long are the skin-penetrating microstructures?

The AcroPass microstructures’ tip is about 30 micrometers thick and 350 micrometers long. The microstructure dimensions are produced to ensure it can penetrate into the epidermis and reach the moisture inside.

3. How long does it take for the microstructure to dissolve completely inside the skin?

We recommend attaching the patch for 2 hours, and its effect is maximized when you sleep overnight with it.

4. Is the microstructure technology safe enough?

The product is classified as general cosmetics in the Korean FDA, and all certified clinical test institutes have demonstrated its safety. Raphas (original manufacturer) holds 13 patents in Korea and globally regarding the microstructure technology.

5. How is this different from conventional skin care delivery systems such as MTS rollers, etc.?

The conventional MTS rollers damage the skin and insert ampules into the holes it made. Dissolving microstructures have overcome this problem of painful rollers and skin damage and also realized compound delivery and penetration of the horny layer.


Using AcroPass

1. After the cleanse, when should I use it for top effectiveness?

Dry the area completely if possible as the AcroPass microstructure dissolves in water. It is okay to apply the patches after toner or essence; however, we recommend to attach them on the bare face after cleansing.

2. Why must I press on the patch multiple times after I attach it?

AcroPass’ active compounds exist in the form of microstructures. You should therefore help the microstructures to easily penetrate the skin by pressing on the patch a few times. Sliding the patch sideways will bend the microstructures laterally, hindering its full efficacy.

3. Is there a reason why the patch must be attached before sleep? Does it become less effective during daytime?

You can use it regardless of the time of day. However, the microstructures are fully absorbed into the skin after a minimum of 2 hours, so we recommend night-time applications. Additionally, the patch component, hydrocolloid (medical band used in dermatology clinics after laser therapy), also protects your skin moisture, so a longer use of the patch is beneficial.

4. How long must I have the patch on? I want to know the optimal attach time.

The actual time may differ depending on individual skin type, but anyone can benefit after 2 hours, when the active compounds are fully absorbed by the skin.

5. Is it safe to use other skin care products such as essences, creams, etc. after attaching the patch?

Yes, it is safe. Our patch should be used on skin areas that need focused care, and you can use normal skin care products on other parts of your skin freely after the patch.

6. What is the expiration time for the patch? How long is it viable for use after I open the pouch?

The patch is usable for 2 years, but we recommend using it on the day you open the sanitized pouch. The microstructure is composed of a moisturizing agent called hyaluronic acid, which can dissolve or structurally weaken in time by absorbing the moisture in the air once you open the pouch.

7. Won’t the patch fall off while I sleep?

There may be some rare cases where this may happen, but generally the patches hold on to your skin during sleep.


Effect & Duration

1. What is the optimal frequency of use for the product? Also, for how long must I use it?

For the first couple of months, we recommend you use it twice per week, or every 3 days. Afterwards, once or twice per week will be sufficient to maintain its effect.

2. What differences does the AcroPass line have compared to Botox or Filler treatments?

Basically, our product provides anti-aging effects even with a single use. According to clinical trials, it has sown to provide 4 weeks’ worth of duration after 4 weeks of usage.

However, you must not make a direct comparison of our product to filler injections. Filler injections also use hyaluronic acid, but they also often contain many other chemical additives to lengthen the time it takes for the acid to dissolve and excrete from the body.

AcroPass has no chemical additives or preservatives and is a safe product. Therefore, our product is a new, innovative beauty device that has improved the skin absorption rate of functional cosmetics such as eye creams, rather than trying to produce quick results with risks such as in the case of the filler injections.

3. It says a drastic change can be experienced with a single application – how long does this effect last?

Since the microstructure active compound directly penetrates the skin, you can feel the anti-aging effects even with your first usage.

However, continuous product usage is required for sustaining the effect. According to clinical trials, a month of skin improvement can be maintained after a month of use. Use the patch on skin areas of your choice to benefit from satisfying results.

4. What are the major benefits of the AcroPass line?

The AcroPass line delivers active compounds of hyaluronic acid and EGF directly into the skin. Therefore, it is helpful in various care such as anti-aging, skin elasticity improvement, skin moisturization improvement, etc. that enables healthy, moist skin maintenance. Many ergonomical designs for loops, eyes and spots have been released.



1. What are the microstructures included in AcroPass lines made of?

They consist of 100% hyaluronic acid, a skin moisturization agent, and EGF (epidermal growth factor).

2. What are the patches made of? Do they cause irritability when attached?

They are made from hydrocolloids, a new medical material.

* What is hydrocolloid?

AcroPass uses hydrocolloid bands, which generally used in wound treatment or after laser therapy in wound treatment or after laser therapy in dermatology or plastic surgery clinics. This material has great ventilation properties and also completely blocks the wound area from the outside environment, maintaining moisture and maximizing the skin’s natural healing. This enables many healing factors in our skin to prevent bacterial infections, resulting in safe healing.

3. What is the difference between AcroPass hyaluronic acid and the hyaluronic acid in other products? How is hyaluronic acid made?

The production of hyaluronic acid used in modern cosmetics and medicine comes from animal extracts or microbiological engineering. Hyaluronic acid naturally exists in human body as well, and can be extracted from cow tongue, cartilage, chicken combs, etc. However, in the modern age, due to the prevalence of avian flu, mad cow disease and other disease, more companies prefer the microbiological engineering method to procure hyaluronic acid.

* What is microbiological engineering?

This method utilizes multiple filtration for refining and precipitation techniques to obtain hyaluronic acid from microorganisms that use wheat fermentation, resulting in high-quality hyaluronic acid. Acropass’ top-quality hyaluronic acid, in consideration of our customers, is directly imported from and produced in France using such microbiological procedures.

4. What kind of benefits do hyaluronic acid and EGF provide?
“What is hyaluronic acid?”

A fundamental solution to skin ageing, First discovered in the 1930s, hyaluronic acid exists in animal synovial fluids, cartilages, skin, etc. and is a viscous material that maintains a gel state combined with water. It plays a major role in preventing bacterial invasion.

A top-notch moisturizer, hyaluronic acid delivers nutrients to cells and also blocks water evaporation from the skin with powerful absorption, enabling the skin to maintain adequate amounts of water. Therefore, hyaluronic acid is regarded as a natural moisturizer and can hold up to 600 times its weight in water.

What is EGF?

EGF stands for epidermal growth factor. Around the age of 25, the horny layer of the skin slowly begins to thicken and aging occurs. This is because the amount of EGF increases. Long-term use of EGF products on the skin can prevent skin aging and sagging, and also directly stimulates cell division which helps maintain elasticity and smoothness. EGF is effective in maintaining young, healthy skin.


Skin Irritability and Safety

1. If I attach the patch on sensitive eye areas, will it leave redness or marks on the skin?

According to the clinical trials carried out by Dermapro, a certified clinical test institute (2013), no skin irritability or objective skin stimulation abnormalities have been found on any of the test subjects.

AcroPass’ microstructure can deeply penetrate the skin with the thickness of 1/4 of the human hair.

We recommend that you remove the patch after a minimum of 2 hours. If you remove the patch after 30 minutes, there will be some reddening, but that is the result of the microstructure penetrating the skin.

This is called the needling effect, and strengthens the natural growth of the skin, just like the MTS treatment done in dermatology clinics. When you remove the patch after 2 hours, the redness will disappear. Although pillow marks may occur depending on personal sleeping habits after attaching the patch and going to sleep, these will disappear soon after the removal of the patch.

2. How thick are the microstructures?

Will the microstructures cause damage or pain while they penetrate the skin?
The microstructures are 1/4 the thickness of the human hair, about 30 micrometers in size. They can penetrate the skin without causing any damage, so they are safe to use.

3. Are there any side effects such as the widening of hair follicles after the microstructures penetrate the skin?

Our skin’s regeneration is maximized when it is stimulated. In fact, microstructures utilize this phenomenon.
Whenever micro-sized structures penetrate the skin membrane, the skin regenerates new cells and narrows the hair follicles. Therefore, this results in narrower, rather than wider, hair follicles and smoother skin.

4. Is this product safe for the skin and clinically approved?

AcroPass has been put to clinical trials in certified clinical test institutes such as Ellead, Dermapro and the Yonsei University School of Medicine’s Severance Hospital. It has been proven to be a safe and effective product in regards to clinical trials, safety, toxicity, etc. for anti-aging.