The AcroPass Method

AcroPass uses a patented method called Droplet-born Air Blowing (DAB) to form microscopic needle like microstructures from hydrolysed pure Hyaluronic acid. Other methods of micro moulding often create imperfect needle structures due to the viscosity of the material and the heating process can cause distortion of the active compounds. With our innovative DAB technology these imperfections are avoided as we form structurally perfect shapes and pointed microstructures with no adverse impact on the active compound of Hyaluronic acid.

Other products have used actual microneedles to penetrate the skin however they do not themselves deliver the active ingredient so absorption can be limited. AcroPass is the most effective Trans Dermal Delivery product for home use.

Once these microstructure penetrate the skin surface they gradually dissolve delivering Hyaluronic acid to the target area. Results can be seen immediately after use.


“DAB (Droplet-born Air Blowing)”

Advantages of DAB (Droplet-born Air Blowing)
The conventional micro-molding method often creates imperfect needle structure due to the viscosity of the material. The heating process may also cause distortion of the active compounds.

Thanks to our innovative DAB (Droplet-born Air Blowing), all of these drawbacks are solved to form structurally perfect-shaped and pointy microstructure with no loss or deformation of active compounds.

What is Dissolving Microstructure?


Immediate Skin Improvement through Direct Penetration to the Target Area

The backbone material of the microstructure is a natural moisturizing agent hyaluronic acid that can store moisture up to 100 times of its volume. The microstructure consisted of EGF(epidermal growth factor), which has anti-aging effect, and backbone material hyaluronic acid. Entire of this microstructure is dissolved then absorbed in the affected skin.

Clinical Studies



Result Summary of Clinical Trial

After 4 weeks of usage, positive results such as overall skin condition improvement, skin elasticity improvement and skin firmness was observed. None of the subjects exhibited abnormal reactions regarding skin irritation and objective skin stimulation.

(Reference: Certified Clinical Test Institute Dermapro, 2013)

Due to the fact that Acropass enables skin absorption of the microstructures composed only of safe moisturizing compound for the human skin, hyaluronic acid, and EGF(epidermal growth factor), the efficacy satisfaction of the test subjects was high.